Our Coffee Based Beverages


More than simply strong coffee, espresso is in fact coffee extract. Brewed under nine to ten atmospheres of pressure the Aurelia espresso machine directs water slowly through 16 grams of tightly packed coffee under a force of 225 Kg. The result is a delightfully rich small drink of between 30 to 60 ml. in volume. Simple perfection.

Espresso is served in different sizes each with its own name and technical definition:
Restretto, or Restrained: 16 grams of coffee are used to produce a beverage of 16 grams in mass.
Normal, or simply “espresso”: 16 grams of coffee produce a beverage of 32 grams.
Lungo, or Long: 16 grams of coffee produce a beverage with 48 grams of mass.

Americano and the Long Black

Similar in proportion, but prepared differently, and certainly presenting an alternate flavour profile, the Americano is an espresso shot into which hot water, typically from the espresso machine’s boiler, is added, post extraction; whereas, the Long Black is a cup of hot water, extracted from the brew head, into which an espresso shot is added. Both drinks emulate the brew strength of gravity brewed coffee but taste totally different from it, and from each other. Understanding the superiority of the Long Black’s flavour and aroma, a skilled barista will typically prepare a Long Black in answer to a request for an Americano.

Gravity Brewed Coffee

Our gravity brewed coffee is none other than Reunion Island’s “Colombia Las Hermosas. Served at your table, or in a cup to go, we know you’re going to love it. To learn about this wonderful coffee please read more here.

Teas and Tea Lattes

Wonderfully flavourful loose leaf teas, provided by The Metropolitan Tea Company, may be enjoyed either at your table or in a cup to go.

Some varieties of tea may also be brewed together with foamed milk and added flavour to create sensational tea lattes such as the London Fog or Indian Spiced Chai.

However you enjoy your tea we know you will appreciate the quality of Metropolitan Tea.

Espresso Based Beverages

Our espresso based drinks are all produced with the wonderfully smooth and rich “Bullet Espresso”, a favourite with many of Toronto’s most respected Baristas. To learn about Bullet Espresso please read more here.


Meaning simply “marked” the espresso macchiato is an espresso shot stained with a dash of milk; typically, no more than a tablespoon full. Conventionally, today, we think of the macchiato as being marked with steamed milk or foam, but in fact, that’s not part of the definition. Many ask for a dash of cold milk; both are correctly called espresso macchiatos.


Always a favourite, the Cappuccino is a drink totalling 180 ml. in volume produced from a 16 gram long shot of espresso topped with steamed milk which has been expanded by 100%. The result is a drink composed of equal portions of coffee, milk, and microfoam. Contrary to popular practise, a cappuccino should be made with milk and milk microfoam, not milk froth. Proper milk microfoam should not be able to stand well above the rim of the cup. Possibly the most delightful of all the milk and coffee drinks, the cappuccino should be rich, smooth, full of flavour and subtly sweet.


Unrestricted by a size definition, the Latte brings you the best of both espresso and milk. Enjoyed in their simplest form or flavoured with Vanilla, Chocolate or Hazelnut, a Latte is made with a 16 gram espresso shot blended with microfoamed milk which has been expanded by 20 to 25%.